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"I entered this program fearful and full of doubt about getting sober and rebuilding my life. The staff at The District Recovery not only helped me put the pieces back together, but they empower...

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Addiction is more common than you might imagine.

- According to the American Society of Addiction medicine, roughly 21.5 million Americans have substance use disorder
- 1.9 million Americans are addicted to prescription opioids according to the same source
- Over half a million Americans are add...

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How to Restart a New Life After Addiction Recovery

- Change Your Social Scene
- Repair Your Relationships
- Get Into a Healthy Routine
- Focus on Nutrition
- Remove Toxic People From Your Life
- Seek Out Peer Support
- Stay Inspired
- Be Kind To Yourself

The District Recovery Community
19671 Be...

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Why Is Self-Esteem Important in Recovery?

Remaining abstinent from substances in the long-term requires an ability to de-escalate negative thought processes.

A relapse is not a single event, it is a process.

The stages of relapse are initiated by stressful emotions caused by an emotional trigg...

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2 days ago
I loved my time at The District Recovery Community. They always had fun activities and events. The group facilitators always gave me the chance to learn something new. My therapist and my case manager were absolutely amazing at their job, they made sure my needs were being met and I was provided with a safe environment to grow.
- Garrett G
2 months ago
I entered this program fearful and full of doubt about getting sober and rebuilding my life. The staff at The District Recovery not only helped me put the pieces back together, but they empowered me to do it myself. I am eternally grateful for this program and community. This community was essential to my early sobriety. They helped me walk through every trial and tribulation of my recovery. Through The District I was able to set a solid foundation for my sobriety and get my mental health in order. They are overall a very well rounded program with lots of resources for every need. I would recommend The District to anyone and everyone- it is an incredible program with amazing people.
- Emily K
2 months ago
After completing 30 days in an inpatient facility in Pennsylvania I was referred to the District. Upon arrival I knew this program was one of a kind. The staff and community was very welcoming and very personable. Throughout my time in therapy I was able to address many of my underlying issues that led to my addiction and work one on one with therapists to gain new perspectives. I would highly recommend TDRC to anyone that needs a foundation to living a life of sobriety as well as learning the skills to become to becoming the best version of yourself!
- Chris B

Drug Rehab Center Huntington Beach

The District Recovery Community is a group of individuals who have come together as a distinct unit to conquer a common characteristic: addiction. We strive to work together as a community to instill experience, strength, and hope within one another so that we may move forward positively in our lives, learning to adapt to a life of sobriety—one day at a time.

The spirit of fellowship and the bonds formed within this community of peers provides strength, focus, and support. The positive energy is harnessed in constructive ways so that every resident feels empowered and empowers others along their journey of recovery. Our addiction treatment programs and men’s and women’s sober living programs provide the comprehensive addiction support you need to make a lasting from your addiction.

Upon your admission into an inpatient rehab center, the addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to determine the underlying mental health disorders fueling your addiction to compile a mental health assessment that works best for you. Through addiction therapy, you will learn more about yourself, and the addictive behaviors that led to your addiction. You will develop healthy routines and valuable coping skills to avoid relapse in times of trauma.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy programs that provide the support for lasting drug addiction recovery include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

When you choose the District Recovery, you can rest assured. Our cognitive-behavioral therapy in Orange County can assist you in ending your drug or alcohol addiction. Our addiction treatment programs will help you tear your focus from your daily stressors, and focus instead on your recovery. Contact the District Recovery to learn more about our addiction recovery programs.

  • Experiential Therapy Program

Men and women suffering from drug addiction require gender-specific drug addiction treatment to achieve lasting sobriety. Men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs in Orange County, CA provide individuals with dual diagnosis addiction treatment for the physical symptoms of drug addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorders fueling drug addiction. The therapy programs we provide at The District include an adventure-based therapy program which aims to improve mental health through a range of experiential and adventure-based activities.

  • Medication-assisted Treatment

Plenty of signs indicate when it’s time to go to rehab, but few men and women seek treatment. One reason is that they’re afraid of the withdrawal symptoms that they’ll experience once they quit drugs. However, treatment can make physical and mental withdrawal symptoms less painful. One method of achieving that during rehab is medication-assisted treatment.

The District was founded by two young men who were once shackled by the seemingly hopeless chains of addiction. These men developed a passion for helping young men break the chains of addiction – Step by step, day by day, one day at a time.

The District Recovery Community
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The District Recovery Community is the best Drug Rehabilitation Center in  Huntington Beach and they Serve all of  Huntington Beach Residents.

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